Last updated: August 12, 2023
At AIEasyPic, our overarching objective is to curtail misuse of technology while ensuring our users harness it for good. Therefore, by utilizing any AIEasyPic service, you're required to adhere to the behavioral constraints detailed herein. We will act decisively against any observed breaches.

Unpermitted Actions:

  • Criminal Conduct: Engaging in, plotting, or indicating acts considered as criminal by local, state, national, or international laws is forbidden.
  • Child Safeguarding: We firmly prohibit any form of child endangerment, maltreatment, or inappropriate conduct.
  • Discriminatory Speech: AIEasyPic shouldn't be a channel for messages promoting bias, prejudice, or violence against any group or individual, especially minors.
  • Cyberbullying: No user should engage in consistent tormenting, belittling, or demeaning of others on our platform.
  • Unauthorized Data Disclosure: You can't disclose others' personal information with malicious intentions on our services.
  • Malware Activities: It's against our rules to utilize AIEasyPic for creating, spreading, or promoting harmful software or surveillance tools.
  • Deceptive Actions: Posing as someone else or spreading deceit with intentions of harm, theft, or fraud is not allowed.
  • Intellectual Property: Ensure you respect intellectual property rights; no infringing materials should be shared via AIEasyPic.
  • False Narratives: Disseminating maliciously false narratives is forbidden.
  • Character Assault: Refrain from smearing, maligning, or disparaging others.
  • Misuse of Outputs: Avoid using AIEasyPic's results for: Legal rights infringement.
  • These actions are also restricted, discrimination or harm based on individual attributes. Intentionally exploiting vulnerabilities of specific groups. Offering unsanctioned medical counsel. Gathering data for legal or enforcement purposes.
    This list isn't exhaustive, but the golden rule is evident: Do no harm via AIEasyPic. We won't entertain harmful ideologies. Report Inappropriate Behavior at [email protected]. When in doubt, always report. Provide ample information (URLs, screenshots) to aid our review. We respect your privacy. Our team will respond within 24 hours, initiate a review, and offer timely updates. This policy encompasses all AIEasyPic services.